The Creative Team



Ann Ivy Male

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs, when images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” - Ansel Adams

Ann’s passion has always been with the arts and how it impacts an individual’s life. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University in Montreal, where she grew up. She is the owner and creative director of Pixie Blue Studio in Port Credit. The studio has developed into a creative hub for the community and recently won “Gold” recognition for Fine Arts Studio in Mississauga via the Mississauga News Reader’s Choice Awards. Her studio supports the local community by hosting regular arts and culture exhibits, by providing art education to special needs individuals and by offering a creative space for the community to enjoy. Ann pursues a variety of artistic outlets including writing, playing music and painting; however her fascination has always been with photography. Her favourite subjects to photograph include capturing detail in the nature, telling stories through street photography and stumbling upon the unusual while travelling. For the past five years, Ann has featured Port Credit through her own initiative called - Vibrant Port Credit; a lifestyle concept on social media highlighting the unique community that she and her family call home. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Port Credit BIA and is honoured to provide input on local initiatives that bring a community together like a thriving Main Street, a diverse arts and culture scene and advocacy for protecting Port Credit’s natural environment.

Through Pixie Blue Studio - Ann has created a space that ignites all aspects of the arts and encourages creative minds to connect.


Stephen Uhraney

A Port Credit resident, Stephen began his career in 1984 at the Mississauga News as an editorial photographer. He now shoots for many major magazines, nationally and internationally. In 2010 he placed 7th in the world at the Sony World Photography Awards out of 80,000 participants and 3rd in his category; he was the only Canadian to make it. He eventually started shooting documentary photography and works on stories for up to two years in duration like a project that detailed the lives of migrant farm workers in the Holland Marsh for Toronto's Scotiabank Contact Festival. Stephen, always looking to expand creatively shoots environmental street photography as well as an ongoing project called “Morphology”. Along with with a group of local photographers, Stephen is capturing Lakeview Inspiration in its various stages of development.

"It comes down to this, I have a camera with me at all times. I see something I like, I shoot it"

Karen Ferguson

We do not train for life; life trains us to be who we are truly meant to be."

The above quotation sums up Karen Ferguson's view of life. Educated in Political Science and French at Western University, Karen first enjoyed artistic pursuits as hobbies. Only after moving to The Bahamas did she begin to fully pursue and immerse herself in the arts by exploring local literature, artwork and folklore. Inspired, this led to the successful implementation of an Art & Literature program at a local bookstore. Her belief in the necessity and value of creative communities and creativity as an integral part of living your best life, was further enhanced by her time spent living and working in France.

Today Karen considers herself a renaissance woman; a design-gypsy, fascinated with every aspect of cultivating a life filled with art, style, creative solutions and good community; To date, she has been fortunate enough to explore and champion these beliefs through her career in fashion, art and education.

Karen is extremely passionate about her commitment towards expanding her knowledge and that of others by combining her Caribbean background with her international experience, to encourage cross-cultural, artistic expression within local communities.

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Mandy Orchard

Mandy Orchard immerses herself in a creative lifestyle and interests in the humanities,environment and outdoors. She believes art can connect, express and support us all — while we address important issues, smile and play. You might find her practicing yoga, paddle-boarding, or enjoying various creative projects.

Join Mandy at Pixie Blue to experiment with writing and expression, find your voice, and share your story.

Mandy hosts a variety of creative workshops at the studio including “Write Nights” and “Not Just a Poem” sessions.