Agata Wisniewski

“I see animals as spirit forms in physical bodies, I feel great love and connection to them, whenever I paint a horse I always connect with the horse spiritually, and most importantly meet the horse as well to feel it's energy-which I portray in the painting.”


Everist Prokofiev

“Everist is very involved in the arts community. He is a member of several art societies in Ontario, as well as the Com2Art association in France. He teaches classes and holds palette knife painting seminars for all ages and skill levels, believing that awareness through education will ensure the longevity of the fine arts. Everist's paintings adorn the walls of many private homes and are found in corporate collections across North America, The Caribbean and Europe.”


Marianne Morris

“There was a time, not so long ago, when I was a frustrated creative who had denied her true calling for way too long. Art was not practical. Art was no way to make a living. Art took up way too much time and energy for too little payoff.

What I didn’t acknowledge: Making art made me happy.”


Fernando Resende

“ Fernando Resende, who worked for many years as an Art Director. He’s an avid photographer, enjoys traveling to interesting places and is always inspired by these new surroundings, which end up being fuel for new photographs. Fernando experiments with printing on a variety of materials such as different types of plywood and unique metals. His works have been shown in galleries and shows around the GTA.”


Stella Jurgen

“I am a colourful palette with an enormous enthusiasm to share my art and passion for creativity. I am thankful that I have been kissed by talent and I feel excited to indulge my free spirit to express it in many platforms.”


Leo Dias

“One of my aspirations is to share my creative spirit with others in ways that inspires them to find their own creative potential. I strive to also engage people to think critically and feel with their hearts on global and local challenges that we all collectively face, be it political, environmental or on social issues. I feel it is incumbent on all of us to find solutions that go beyond our own lives and to think more of the legacy we leave behind for future generations."


Micheline Montgomery

paintings, sculpture, book art

“Micheline’s need to create has inspired all her children and grandchildren to express themselves through the visual arts.”

Pearangel Art Studio


Wendy Lawrence

“While Wendy records the raw exploration of nature, she transforms her genre well beyond by compelling a deeper understanding of her meaning and reflections expressed in her work. Her unique creative ability to draw the viewer deeper and deeper into surface of her work separate her from other artists. Her work awakens ones senses to the powerful conveyance she brings out in the consuming richness and journey Lawrence’s work takes you on.”

Sand & Snow.jpg

Celina Melo

“Georgian Bay often acts as my muse. The subject matter involves water and sky; I am drawn to their reflective qualities and ability to change colour. The inherent movement and reflections in water is represented through Melo's process of painting, pouring and pushing my acrylic paints to mimic and create the impression of movement and colour – to try to recapture the sensation of being in the moment.”