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Paper Collage Workshop with Artist Joanna Turlej - (Day 2)

Continued from Day 1:

Day 2 – Morning: Choose one palette from the palette options below and paint your own papers in a variety of values. Ripped out pages of a magazine should be used as well. Make at least 20 pages.

  1. Monochromatic: Using any tint (white added), tone (black added), or shade (black and white added) of just ONE colour
  2. Complementary: Using any 2 colours directly opposite each other on the wheel. Ex: Blue and Orange
  3. Split complementary: Using any colour with the two colours on each side of its complement. Ex: Green, with red-orange and red-violet
  4. Analogous: Using colours that are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. Use any 2-3 consecutive colours. Ex: Yellow-Green -- Green-Blue
    -- Green 

Day 2 – afternoon: Painting (collaging) your favourite picture or a still life arrangement

Later Event: January 16
Self Love Workshop