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Paper Collage Workshop with Artist Joanna Turlej (Day 1)

The course instructor is artist, Joanna Turleg - during her 25 years career as an artist, Joanna has explored different media, among them watercolours, acrylics, and mixed media. In 2014, her explorations led her to embrace a paper collage technique, as an expression of her art. This very specialized and unique technique, created by her, rendered her a lot of success.

Paper Collage Workshop Description:
An effective use of collage in art can be traced to early 1700 when Mary Dellany started doing what she called her "paper-mosaicks".
Through many different periods in art, collage was used in different ways, sometimes shocking the world in its boldness. Names like Picasso, Braque, Raushenberg and Matisse are among the most notable artists using collage.
In this workshop we will explore what collage is about – playful, fun, versatile, challenging, and unlimited in creativity.
We will explore creative expression using paper – magazine cut-outs and stained papers, among others, adhered on a variety of support surfaces. Individual guidance and direction will be given.
Each person will be encouraged to express his or her own unique concepts and style of
Each half-day will begin with a short art theory review, such as colour systems, composition and value patterning and include different hands-on exercises. On the last day, we will combine it all and create a small project. All participants will benefit from individual attention, group dialogue and sharing.

Cost for the 2-day workshop is $190.00 + HST - ($215.00) and includes supplies and is open to teens and adults, no prior art experience is necessary. The group will break for a half hour lunch both days.

Registration -  Please call the studio at (905)990-7494 or e-mail (course is structured for 6 participants). 

Payment can be made via cheque made out to Pixie Blue Studio Ltd. or e-transfer to


Day 1 – morning: learning the process

Day 1 – afternoon: Value study using construction paper

Value - is the degree of light and dark in a design. It is the contrast between black and white and all the tones in between. Value can be used with colour as well as black and white. Contrast is the extreme changes between values.

Exercise: Using black and white photograph, construction paper and glue stick, create a basic image, matching values of the photograph.

Start by choosing a mid-colour base paper (your substrate), keep adding lighter and darker value colours to create an image. 

Start with large shapes, then smaller shapes and end with a final detail


Earlier Event: December 23
OPEN - 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.