Meena Chopra

MEENA CHOPRA: Artist, Author, Educator, Comunity Outreach and Media

- As an Artist and Poet
She is an internationally acclaimed  poet & visual artist having held several art exhibitions around the world. Meena's paintings are in the collection of government bodies, corporates & individuals. She has authored four multilingual poetry books which are in English, Hindi & Urdu.  
As an artist educator, Meena implements an arts-infused approach in developing the potential of every child and adult and as a community developer, she has produced and directed many art events with a motto of "bringing the communities & cultures together on a common platform thru arts".

- As Advertising, Marketing & Media professional & Entrepreneur
Meena is an energetic, entrepreneurial, Advertising,Marketing & Media professional with over 20 years experience working with diverse ethnicity,  multicultural markets & communities both as an advertising, marketing & media professional and as a community advocate and builder through education and art programs.

Meena is currently hosting art classes at Pixie Blue Studio for individuals with special abilities and Mandala, art and poetry workshops for the community.


Jen Leo

The motivation to create is an impulse. For me it comes from the connection between my visual, emotional and mental consciousness. I utilize the process of painting as an activity; as an expression, and reflection.

Jen is currently getting inspired in Florence, Italy; a city that holds a special place in her heart. She will return to Mississauga from time to time to host travel themed workshops.


Reynold Thomas

Reynold uses the visual sensory experience of his work as a space to explore and deconstruct the black female identity and body—spiritually and physically. His work is a recalling and remembrance of the grace of black women before, coupled with an excavation of the modern black woman through the symbol of her beauty.
Our first home is the womb and from there everything comes. 

Reynold will join our team of instructors to bring forth a variety of workshops including live drawing/sketching and paint night events.

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